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Celebrate World Music Day in Sotogrande 

Andalusian culture promotes expression, freedom, and creativity in the arts. In a few weeks, on 21st June, Sotogrande will be celebrating one of the most significant days in the events calendar, World Music Day. Get in tune with the music as the team at the SO/ Sotogrande Spa and Golf Resort will once again dress its Amphitheatre with thousands of candles, commemorating a day celebrated in 120 different countries around the world.  

From 35€ per person, you can spend a warm summer evening in a slightly different manner. This event will run long into the night with a variety of music played under the moonlight, where each guest will be immersed in authentic summer anthems.  

The choice of music for the night will be an exquisite repertoire selected for this series of concerts, inspired by the summer edition of Candlelight. Candlelight concerts take place in various spectacular locations such as under the stars or surrounded by incredible architecture, with the musicians surrounded by candles, combined with performances that allow you to experience live music in a completely new way. Thousands of candles will illuminate the venue, creating a serene atmosphere that will enhance your listening experience.  

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