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The Seven – The Sotogrande Villa

To those who know it, Sotogrande evokes a sense of comfort and luxury. A gated community in which the best is expected; where compromise is a foreign concept and excellence is a given.

A collection of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in this part of the world, Sotogrande offers the very highest standards of living to those who are fortunate enough to call this place their home. Take some time to explore the opportunities Sotogrande presents, and if it is within your means, you would do well to consider the sheer lavishness of The Sotogrande Villa: the very cream of the crop when it comes to high-end lifestyle.

A Standout Villa

The jewel in a glittering crown, The Sotogrande Villa represents an artist’s vision brought to fruition, a dream made reality and the painstaking result of the finest craftsmanship, down to the tiniest detail. This gloriously contemporary property is unique in the truest sense: singular and without equal. Situated in the most eye-catching, private community within Sotogrande, The Sotogrande Villa forms part of The Seven, a collection of concept homes whose architects threw caution to the wind and were allowed complete freedom to create the masterpieces that now grace this truly breathtaking location.

One-of-a-Kind Community

The tone for The Seven is first set by the luscious surroundings which envelope each private estate. The brainchild of Jean Mus – a name synonymous with the very pinnacle of landscape architecture – it is a privilege just to walk around the parkland he envisioned, lovingly crafted to provide a sense of natural integration, and also to ensure the utmost privacy of each homeowner. As the name of the estate suggests, The Sotogrande Villa is one of seven such residences therein, and as the name of the villa suggests, it is the very epitome of everything that Sotogrande stands for.

La Reserva Club is the home of The Seven, and the newest of the four districts which comprise the original estate of Sotogrande.  While maintaining all the grandeur and reputation of its precedents, it also benefits from the latest innovations and design.  State of the art facilities and all the latest amenities you might expect are all beautifully situated in the Andalusian hillside upon which it lays.  The expertly designed lagoon within La Reserva Club offers residents yet another easily accessible destination, in addition to the pristine Mediterranean coastline – which is itself just minutes away – as well as the countryside of the surrounding National Park, with which La Reserva Club integrates beautifully.

Features and Amenities

The Sotogrande Villa itself almost defies description. Over 10,000 square metres of private land provide ample terrain in which to enjoy your own slice of the outdoors, meticulously designed, and finished to the highest of standards.  The Mediterranean Sea is the focus of the south facing view from the property; a vision of serenity to enjoy at your leisure from the comfort of your home.  The villa itself enjoys 1,760 square metres of interior floor space, with another 560 square metres of outdoor, terraced areas, each of which flows seamlessly into the other.

In addition to the palatial master suite, The Sotogrande Villa boasts a further five guest suites, with seven bathrooms, five parking spaces and, naturally, a host of amenities as you might expect from this standard of home.  A full gym and spa are at your disposal, together with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  The outdoor pool is coupled with a spacious pool house, of which you will wish to avail yourself on the many summer days you will spend out here. For the collectors and connoisseurs, a generous wine cellar will allow you to amass an impressive quantity of your preferred vintage, and for the cinephile, a cutting-edge home cinema that will allow you to enjoy the finest viewing experience

The Sotogrande Villa means not only buying the home of your dreams, but buying a lifestyle that you will get to share with a community of like-minded individuals, and spending time doing the things you want to do.  La Reserva Club’s recently built Championship Golf Course will be the closest of an impressive array of world-famous courses, if you enjoy the sport.  Veterans will already be familiar with these courses, and players of every level are welcome to try their hand here; from those who have never held a club, to the casual who enjoy 18 holes every other weekend, or the enthusiast who will enjoy sharing the green with budding professionals.

Tennis courts, Polo pitches, mountain trails and so much more.  Those who spend their time outdoors will have their every desire catered to in Sotogrande.

It goes without saying that the social life you will enjoy here matches every other aspect of Sotogrande living in excellence. The highest quality cuisine, entertainment, and clientele at every one of the many establishments that you will find within minutes of your new home.

To move to The Seven and to live in The Sotogrande Villa, would also mean the utmost care would be taken with your privacy, your security, your health and your convenience. Access to the best schools and healthcare are of paramount importance, while Malaga Airport is just over an hour’s drive in one direction, and Gibraltar Airport less than half an hour away in the other. The exclusive nightlife offered by Marbella will be 40 minutes from home, as well as the countless gems that the Andalusian coast has to offer, all on your doorstep.

Of course, words on a page can do so much to really explain what is on offer here. Photographs of The Sotogrande Villa do little justice to the sleek design and scale of the property, to the beauty of The Seven, nor to the ambience and atmosphere that is intrinsic to Sotogrande

First-hand experience is the only way to truly understand, and our discovery packages provide a customised slice of Sotogrande life that will no doubt convince you to make your stay permanent.

Discovery Package

To experience life within Sotogrande, we offer a customised stay and private tour to fit your needs as a future resident.

Our discovery package includes accommodation, sports and activities, culinary delights at our restaurants and a visit to our award-winning resort, its properties and amenities. Email us or call +34 856 560 922 discover more.

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