Lifelong Learning at the Prestigious Sotogrande International School


Learning is for life, and children in the Sotogrande area are ideally placed to take advantage of some of the best educational opportunities in Spain. Each child’s journey towards building knowledge and discovering their talents takes its direction from their school, and at the Sotogrande International School, that journey is rewarding and enriching for each child.

Headmaster Jak Kearney commented: “The joy of lifelong learning is core to what we aim to inspire in all learners in our community. Our expansion of primary facilities will further enable our learners to have more opportunities with STEAM activities, through bespoke innovative maker spaces for each phase level. The inclusion of our youngest members on site, as we move our current ludoteca, Fundamentals, to our school site, means that the transition points will become more streamlined and the learning experience of all students is better. This development is planned for the very near future.”

The Sotogrande International School considers itself a community passionate about learning. Its focus on International Education creates the perfect environment to cultivate a love of learning and encourages intercultural understanding. As the children break off school with their usual enthusiasm for the holidays, parents can confidently plan for the new term and consider how the school is best placed to help empower their children to fulfil their personal potential.

The Sotogrande International School holds a fantastic academic record. A majority of the school’s students have obtained places in the world’s top universities including Oxford, Imperial College London, Durham, Boston and New York Universities and the prestigious University of Carlos III in Madrid, among others. These top academic results reflect a strong and productive curriculum.

Mr. Kearney added: “Students who stay at Sotogrande International School for the duration of their school do very well; last year 9 of the 15 students who achieved 40 or more points at the IB Diploma started with us in the early years. This is because we really know who our students are and they really understand and trust our processes. Using these two simple connections, as well as our 3 way partnership between home, school and the student, we are able to support all learners to be the very best versions of themselves.

This year interest has been expressed from families all around the world. We are close to being full in a number of year groups and we look to be moving towards needing waiting lists for boarding for the following year.”

Top results mean excellence of care; children learn best when they are happy, empowered and confident in their abilities. The Sotogrande International School offers a child-centred, holistic system of learning, motivating children to develop a natural inquisitiveness, to think analytically and creatively. The students become confident learners and it is through this that the school helps each child attain their own personal excellence.

There is a boarding house on campus and thus the school provides a superb teaching programme for both day students and boarders. It is truly international, with children of over 40 nationalities between the ages of 3-18 with a variety of age-appropriate educational programmes. There is very strong language support at the Sotogrande International School, facilitating learning for children of all nationalities and primary languages.

The Sotogrande International School’s boarding facilities provide a safe, welcoming space to help children fully immerse themselves in school life, which is far more than just academic learning. Boarding life is supportive, and flexible options are provided to best suit each student’s needs and personal family situation. Students have access to a vast array of extracurricular activities, and through the school’s pastoral care services, are able to grow their aspirations as highly motivated world citizens.

The Sotogrande International School is located just 30 minutes from Gibraltar and just one hour’s drive from Malaga and Jerez, two Spanish cities also connected with the rest of the world through international air services. The campus is situated in the gorgeous countryside of Andalucía, close to golf courses, riding stables and some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.

This glorious location facilitates outdoor learning and fosters a love of an active life so necessary to health, strength and overall well-being. Close proximity to some renowned sport’s clubs supports the superb programmes available for the school’s students.

The school’s Swimming Academy offers huge opportunities for young athletes to develop their skills to high competitive levels and complements programmes for younger students during term-time. Intensive Swim Camps offered during school holidays supplements this for keen young swimmers.

Polo, a sport known for its difficulty and its prestige is within the grasp of youngsters at Sotogrande through the programmes offered by the Sotogrande Polo Academy. It adds further opportunities for students to develop confidence and discipline among the advantages of playing an elite sport in a world class polo centre.

The Summit Basketball Academy is another aspect of the school’s Elite Sports Programme that brings innumerable benefits to students, including access to some of the world’s top sporting universities as student-athletes, notably in colleges in North America.

As well as its sports programmes, the Sotogrande International School is known as a high-tech school and is one of only three schools in Spain certified by Apple. The school is resoundingly successful in implementing information technology throughout its educational processes.

The Sotogrande International School is part of the Inspired group of premium schools, an  international network that reaches out across the world providing excellence in education to over 50,000 students. With over 40 years of providing academic excellence, challenging and nurturing students, the Sotogrande International School is considered one of the best international schools in Spain.

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