Things to Do in Sotogrande


Sotogrande isn’t just a playground of the elite, although it has been since the 1960s. It’s not just a gleaming jewel on the coast of southern Spain, nor only the peak of sophistication and style in Andalucía. It is, more than anything, a place which vibrates with activity. There are many things to do in Sotogrande, something for everyone seeking to enjoy their life to the max in splendid surroundings. Here is a selection of the many things to do in Sotogrande.


For keen golfers, Sotogrande is ideal. Some of its golf courses are listed among the twelve best in Spain as ranked by the prestigious Golf World Magazine, so whether you’re a beginner, a skilled player, or simply an enthusiast, it’s all there waiting for you in Sotogrande. Keen golfers already well know the benefits of the sport, not least when playing in such stunning landscape. For newer players, the facilities at Sotogrande’s golf clubs include coaching and competitions for all ages and skills. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family, a sociable activity and one of the Sotogrande community’s favourite things to do.

Polo Lessons and Horse Riding

Equestrian sports are embedded in the lifestyle of Sotogrande. Horse riding is probably one of the most popular things to do among residents and visitors alike. The numerous stables offer lessons and other riding activities such as trekking into the countryside or taking a hack along the beaches. The Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande is one of the best in the world and offers lessons alongside some of the most exciting competitive equestrian events in Europe. Horse riding at Sotogrande is not just for the skilled jockey; there are riding activities for all ages and abilities, kids and grown-ups, beginners and experts can all enjoy horses through the Sotogrande Equestrian Club.

Bicycle Club

For a personal, scenic adventure, experience the best of Andalucía via bicycle. Cycling is a popular, social sport within Sotogrande, suitable for the entire family with the estate’s wide, easy to navigate roads and nearby tracks through nature. Explore the unspoiled countryside through trails that hug the Mediterranean coast, and enjoy low-impact exercise in a breath-taking bucolic setting.

Mountain Biking

For those who are looking for something to do deeper into the countryside, mountain biking provides plenty of challenges and thrills. Just within the 1,500 hectares of Sotogrande itself there are peaceful trails through the charms of old Andalucía, more challenging off-road rocky trails, and for the really fit there are breath-taking descents that will satisfy the most stalwart of adrenaline addicts.

Water Sports

Sitting at the edge of the Mediterranean, Sotogrande is naturally replete with things to do for water sports enthusiasts. Sailing is extremely popular, but there are also opportunities to enjoy kitesurfing, kayaking and wakeboarding for those who enjoy life above the surface. For those eager to explore the deeper reaches of the sea, diving might be the perfect option.


The bountiful waters of Southern Spain make fishing an incredibly popular sport within this part of the world. Spain’s affinity for fishing is prevalent throughout its rich history; its waters are a magnet for this commercial, leisure, and tourism activity. There is a wide variety of species to discover along the coastline, rivers, and dams of Andalucía, whether enjoying as a solo hobby, or as social pastime.

Tennis and Padel

One of the joys of living in Sotogrande is that there are so many things to do to keep fit and active. There are tennis courts and padel courts, and Sotogrande’s Tennis Academy offers courses tailored to individual levels of skill and fitness. Always popular, tennis is a sociable activity and very much a part of the Sotogrande lifestyle.

Embark on a Gastronomic Journey

If there is a perennially pleasurable thing to do in Sotogrande it is sampling the local gastronomy. There is a wide variety of restaurants in Sotogrande, attracting not just foodies from around the world, but also world-class chefs. With access to some of the freshest produce available grown in the surrounding countryside, Sotogrande is the place to go for fine dining.

Go Swimming at the Beach

If there is one thing everyone likes to do, it is spending time on the beach and Sotogrande has some glorious beaches. Whether the preference is long lazy days stretched out on the sand or paddling in the amazing man-made lagoon, or whether the buzz of the local beach clubs is more appealing, there are few more popular things to do than heading for the beach.

These are just some examples of the many things to do in Sotogrande. There is something for everyone, from excitement-charged mountain descents on a bicycle to a peaceful evening horseback ride along the seashore, from a day on the golf course to a day lazing on the sands.

Sotogrande Marina

Sotogrande’s bustling marina is home to a plethora of boutique stores, high-end bars and restaurants, as well as 843 berths for all manner of boats and related chandlery services. From breakfast right through to dinner and beyond, the marina is a popular meeting place for residents and visitors alike. The relaxing daytime atmosphere typical of Spain soon becomes electric as people flock to their favourite hotspots for a post-dinner drink. Keep your eyes (and ears!) peeled for live music entertainment, and the ever-popular Sunday market.

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