The Flamenco Festival Trocadero – A Summer of Culture in Sotogrande


During the summer months, between 11 June – 27 August, the trendy Trocadero Beach Club will play host to the vibrant Flamenco Festival, bringing together some of the well-known artists of this complex genre of folkloric music and dance.

Typically, the roots of flamenco can be traced to two categories: ‘Cante Gitano’ (Gypsy songs) and ‘Cante Andaluz’ (Andalusian songs). This art form is steeped in history, born of the unique interplay between the Gypsy, Andalusian, Sephardic and Islamic cultures that originally existed in southern Spain. Expressed through dance, singing, and guitar, this cultural celebration is not to be missed.

There will be a fusion of old and new as more traditional artists like Remedios Amaya (former Eurovision contestant) are joined by younger newcomers to the genre such as La Tremendita and Diego el Morao. The schedule is as follows:

11 June Estrella Morente
18 June La Tremendita
1 July La Mari de Chambao
9 July Barberia del Sur
17 July Faru
23 July Lin Cortés
1 August Farruquito
3 August Remedios Amayo
4 August Navajita Plateá
11 August Diego el Cigala
18 August Israel Fernández / Diego del Morao
27 August Perla, Tobalo & Friends (La Tana, Rubio de Pruna, Juanfran Carrasco and other artists)

Opening the festival on the 11th of June will be Estrella Morente, daughter of flamenco singer Enrique Morente and dancer Aurora Carbonell. Estrella caught the world’s attention from a young age, singing folk songs as young as four years old, and tarantas (traditional sailor songs) at just seven.

Continuing on their family tradition, Farru and brother Farruquito will be dancing in the footsteps of their grandfather, Antonio Montoya Flores ‘Farruco’. The brothers carry flamenco in their blood, which certainly translates to the stage through their respective passionate performances.

Also gracing the stage will be Navajita Plateá, formed by singer Ildefonso de los Reyes and guitarist Francisco Carrasco Soto. Both musicians hail from families of gypsy origin from the Santiago neighborhood in Jerez. Their music offers a distinctive fusion of various genres such as pop, rock, blues and punk without ever losing their flamenco roots.

Perla, Tobalo & Friends will close the festival on the 27th of August in true ‘fin de fiesta’ style, in a spectacular crescendo of acclaimed musicians and dancers.

The venue, at the popular Trocadero Beach Club in Sotogrande, lends itself well to its beautiful surroundings, enveloped by nature and located right along the beachfront. Soak up the atmosphere from a number of ground-level seating options facing the stage, or opt for a hut around the perimeter of the venue, which includes your own waiter, valet service, and priority entrance to the venue.

Partner and sponsor of the Flamenco Festival is Sotogrande S.A., the developers behind Spain’s largest privately-owned residential estate and the company responsible for developing this spectacular stretch of the Costa del Sol into the place that many generations have come to call home. Clients of Sotogrande S.A. are invited to come and experience some of the very best that the world of flamenco has to offer in this artistic extravaganza.

For more information, visit the Grupo Trocadero website.

(In case of cancellation due to Covid-19 restrictions, the ticket price will be refunded. Concerts scheduled for May have been moved to July and August. If you have bought your ticket and cannot attend, contact us at or at +34 678 45 60 47.)

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