Where is Sotogrande? A privileged location

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Privileged location Sotogrande

When we hear of Sotogrande we usually think of a quiet and exclusive place on the sunny Mediterranean coast. We are overcome with a feeling of reconnection to what matters to us and a sense of relaxation. And indeed Sotogrande is all of these things, but also much more. Its privileged location, just 6 hours drive from Madrid, makes it an ideal location from which to move around, enjoy a large part of the country and more activities than you might at first imagine. Sotogrande is a very versatile place, and ideal whether you are looking for relaxation or a full agenda of activities.

What to do in Sotogrande throughout the year?

One of the great advantages of this location is its incredible climate. Due to its location close to Africa, it enjoys a warm temperature even in winter, and the sun shines most days of the year, making this corner of the Mediterranean a pleasant destination between the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz. Its sophistication rises in the cooler months of the year as from December to March you can enjoy winter sports in Sierra Nevada. This ski resort is located in the charming village of Pradollano, Granada, and offers a much more intimate skiing experience than other European resorts. Known as the sunniest alpine resort in Europe, it is less than 4 hours drive from Sotogrande, and has over 100 pistes and 100 kilometres of downhill skiing for all levels. At the ski lift you can ask for an instructor for any discipline you wish to practise, from skiing or snowboarding to dog sledding.

Easter Week is celebrated between March and April, a tradition that, beyond its religious aspect, offers an impressive spectacle. This week is enjoyed with all five senses: 12th century works of art adorned with the most exquisite gold and silver work greet you in the streets, while the smell of incense and the marches of the brass bands fill the streets until late at night. This time of year has its own gastronomy, the perfect time to enjoy the traditional sweets in the best pastry shops. Seville, Malaga or Jerez de la Frontera are the most impressive, which are located only a few hours away from Sotogrande.

What to visit near Sotogrande?

Jerez de la Frontera is located less than 2 hours from Sotogrande and is one of the most traditional towns of Cadiz, the province to which Sotogrande belongs, which is the cradle of flamenco and has a strong equestrian culture. Its wines are exported all over the world due to their quality and flavour. With this appellation you can taste from dry to sweet wines, each one with a thicker texture and impregnated with hedonistic flavours such as chocolate, sultanas and plums. In the “Sherry Triangle” of Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa María you’ll find Spain’s beloved vineyards and rustic bodegas, where you can sip the drink and pair it with tapas as generations have done. These wines are no longer just for winemakers and sommeliers, but have become increasingly popular as the most famous neighbourhoods of London, New York and Sydney are filling up with stylish sherry bars.

Seville and Cordoba are located less than 2 and 3 hours from Sotogrande. These are two exquisite routes to the region’s Moorish past. An opportunity not to be missed if you want to indulge and immerse yourself in an experience that deserves to be lived. While Malaga still treasures well-preserved vestiges of Phoenician, Roman and Moorish cultures, Seville and Cordoba are a magical journey into ancient history and refined art.

Later in the spring, both cities near Sotogrande also offer a true festival of colours, lights, folk songs, equestrian shows, bullfighting and, of course, food, drink and joy in abundance. We are talking about the feria. Seville, Cordoba and Jerez de la Frontera are once again imposing themselves on the whole of Andalusia with their penchant for tradition: The lighting of the lights or “alumbrao”, the more than 1,000 “casetas” set up from the typical colourful striped fabrics, women wearing their best traditional costumes, most of them handmade and designed by prestigious flamenco haute couture firms, or men wearing both their elegant suits and traditional costumes on the backs of their most imposing horses. All this, in addition to the gastronomic delights that you can enjoy in the stalls themselves, makes the feria a unique experience.

If you would like to enjoy a quiet day out, visiting a picturesque village with a long history of craftsmanship, we would definitely recommend Ubrique. Located less than two hours from Sotogrande and nestled between the Natural Parks of Grazalema and Los Alcornocales, this village belongs to the famous white villages of Andalusia, but despite its nature and tranquillity, Ubrique holds a great secret. Some of the most exclusive and expensive leather goods in the world are made here. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Loewe and even the royal car of the inimitable Queen Elizabeth II, all develop the most delicate and highly skilled processes that leather requires in this town. Since the 19th century, the skills of the workers have been honed and the knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. This corner of Andalusia exports around 75% of Spain’s total leather production, and although many products are sold in the village itself, the destination for most of the products is the world’s most luxurious shopping arcades. Not to be discouraged, however, less than an hour from Sotogrande is Marbella, where you can buy these items in some of the most exclusive boutiques, without straying far from your Sotogrande location.

In the summer months, which are already well underway, Marbella’s nightlife returns to the limelight with its various festivals and private events. To beat the heat of the day you can tour the Costa del Sol by kayak or paddle board. Whether it’s an adrenaline-fuelled adventure down fast-flowing currents or drifting through the water listening to the birdsong and wildlife around you, you can experience the magic of Sotogrande up close.

In addition, the many options available to you at La Reserva Club in our restaurants and summer events, The Beach where you can enjoy water sports, spend the day with family and friends in our sunbeds, beach and pools, or relax playing golf on our spectacular golf course.

This is just a small guide to all that Sotogrande has to offer, imagine owning a property in an area of great value for all it has to offer: security, privacy and leisure in one place.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone on +34 856 560 922.

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