5 Things for Kids to Do in Sotogrande


Sotogrande is a luxury destination offering myriad experiences for all the family. Check out this guide for a list of 5 things for kids to do in Sotogrande!


What is summer without a chance to get active outdoors? Especially if you happen to be spending your summer in one of Europe’s most luxurious areas, surrounded by beautiful countryside and within easy reach of stunning stretches of beach.

Young golfers have numerous golf courses from which to choose to learn or develop their skills and will be able to benefit from top-quality coaching on some of the world’s best golf circuits.

Then again, there are paddle tennis clubs, basketball camps, mountain biking and, of course, no summer would be complete without water-based activities. Sotogrande’s summer camps and clubs cater for all age ranges. Of particular note, La Reserva boasts a full sports lagoon where children can enjoy tremendous fun at their water sports camp which includes opportunities to take part in stand-up paddle races and kayaking amid many other water-based fun activities.

Beachside Fun

Sotogrande is situated by some of Spain’s most spectacular beaches – one of the main draws of being based on the Costa del Sol. La Reserva’s Kids’ Club is a superb example of how Sotogrande offers ideal facilities for family summers.

The club offers free entry to kids when you book your sunbed at The Beach, so while you lay back for some well-deserved relaxation and soak up the sun, your kids can enjoy a huge variety of activities such as yoga, arts and crafts and a multitude of fun games which will keep them busy and entertained, making friends and learning new skills.

This has to be one of the best features of a family beach holiday; knowing your kids are thoroughly enjoying themselves under the guidance and supervision of dedicated carers, while you can disconnect for a while and rediscover the joys of a few hours at the seashore.


Life is all about balance, and while the outdoors is compelling in a place as charming as Sotogrande, spending time indoors with other youngsters engaging in creative activities is not just valuable but mesmerising for kids. This is especially the case in summer music camps, where children can learn to make music together, guided by skilled teachers.

The Sotogrande Music Academy offers children a range of summer camps, providing activities such as piano camp, song writing and recording camp and voice camp. Not only do these camps help kids engage with their musical creativity, but they are instrumental in helping them to develop social skills, team building skills and to expand on their natural talents. Learning to team up to write and perform music during the summer holidays will be one of the most rewarding ways for kids to spend some time while school is out.

Learning Life Skills

Kids learn best when they feel as if they are at play. Those long, lingering weeks of summer, when kids are relaxed and ready to enjoy themselves are a perfect time to give them a chance to learn some essential skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. The Life Skills Programme at Sotogrande Camps provides kids with a huge variety of learning opportunities delivered through dynamic games and group activities and where they will learn skills such as First Aid, orienteering, preparing meals, learning about the importance of exercise for health, and relaxation techniques. Creativity is also an important skill that kids can develop at these summer camps and kids will enjoy some super creative activities.

Equestrian Camp

Andalucía is the land of the horse, famous worldwide for its beautiful horses and the passion of the people for these magnificent creatures. If you are looking for something for your kids to do during the summer at Sotogrande that they will never forget, then time spent at Sotogrande International School’s riding camp is an excellent option.

The learning of horsemanship takes place at the Santa Maria Polo Club, considered one of the best polo clubs in the world. Training for young riders is available for all levels, from complete beginners to those who already love to ride and want to hone their skills. Tuition includes the all-important care of the horses as well as walking, trotting, galloping and taking on the jumps. Perhaps best of all, the riding camps include riding trails into the beautiful sierras surrounding Sotogrande, or down to the beach.

Sotogrande might be one of the most prestigious residential developments in Europe, endowed with beautiful countryside, gorgeous beaches and luxurious homes. But it also happens to be one of the most family-friendly areas on the Costa del Sol. Finding things for kids to do in Sotogrande is easy; the challenge will be choosing!

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