The security of living in Sotogrande


Gated communities are recommended by most real estate agents and families as the safest places to live in Europe. The Costa del Sol is not an exception, although in Sotogrande security comes with exclusivity, luxury, and a very refined concept of privacy.

Among all the advantages of living in Sotogrande is the security, this is thanks to the fact that the environment of this community is delimited by a design-focused especially on maintaining the discretion, privacy, and tranquillity of the families who come to live or spend a period.

Sotogrande is a place for those who don’t want to be seen, for those who want to go unnoticed, mainly because in their lives outside Sotogrande they already have enough pressure or exposure. It may seem to be lived inwardly, however, it is a very hospitable community that understands the difficulties of being new to a different place and even a different country, and beyond the activities and daily life always respects the tranquillity that each family wants to establish for themselves.

Here you will find more than a gated community, you will find a way of thinking and living protected by the geographical location in one of Europe’s paradises, the Costa del Sol. Where the worries of home ownership are put to one side, not only because of these factors but also because of a first-class security system.

Privileges of living in Sotogrande

Set in an unrivalled natural environment, within Sotogrande you will find all the amenities a family could need throughout the year. From one of the best schools in Europe (3 to 18 years) to a beach built specifically for Sotogrande residents to enjoy the summer.

Sotogrande has some 3,000 hectares on which a large number of homes were originally planned but with a new vision only a few were built, so that the low population density would be an added value to the residents of Sotogrande, providing extra privacy and security.

Life here is outdoors with sea views from almost every property, unique properties of exclusive design by internationally renowned architects. Well connected to Malaga and Gibraltar airports, Sotogrande is a haven of peace offering a variety of activities and amenities so you are free to decide when to be active and when to simply enjoy the passing of time.

The climate is another strong point of the area, with beautiful year round weather and plenty of sunshine. All that sunshine means lots of opportunities to get active in the great outdoors, enjoy the beach and pools. It also means that the area boasts incredible quality fruit, vegetables and fresh produce, which is showcased in the local restaurants. Foodies are really spoilt for choice, with some of the world’s best gastronomy!

The tranquillity of life in Sotogrande

Security is also about feeling supported by the best services, such as sanitation or maintenance. The sense of community offers real and emotional safety and security. Security systems mean that you can leave your home for long periods of time and forget the usual worries that any ordinary homeowner might have.

Safety borders on excellence when you feel that you can trust the workers and that you are staying in an environment where children can be out and about safely.

In Sotogrande everything is designed for your peace of mind and to allow you to disconnect from the stresses and strains of daily life and really relax. Our aim is that you don’t have to worry about anything, that as a resident you can arrive and start enjoying yourself thanks to all the services that the community administration provides to the owners.

Far from prying eyes, each house is located far enough away from the next to maintain privacy and daily tranquillity. Barbecue or enjoy your leisure time as you wish, safe in the knowledge that you will not disturb or be disturbed by other neighbours.

Sotogrande is more than a gated community, discover all we have to offer by visiting and if you have any questions or would like more information, you can email us or call us on +34 856 560 922.

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