The Seven, the added value of a ‘starchitect’ villa

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The Seven

The property market is no different from other luxury consumer products in that it is highly segmented – or divided into different sections by property type, use and price. In the upper end of the market, it is the standard of design, quality, materials, technology and amenities that mark a fine home, and the ultimate form of added value comes from space, privacy and a top setting with stunning views, like The Seven. Such homes should be architect-designed, but if they are the unique, one-off creations of internationally renowned ‘starchitects’, the property enters another dimension.

The Seven, La Reserva de Sotogrande

The Seven is a unique creation conceived of as the ultimate complement to living within a spacious private country club surrounded by nature, sea views and the select amenities of La Reserva de Sotogrande. Here, within minutes of the beach and less than half an hour drive from Marbella, is a highly exclusive gated estate within a country club – the ultimate setting for properties that belong to the upper segment of the property market but combine the elegance and privacy of a country home with the convenience of modern villa and concierge services to hand.

The Seven is accessed through the main security entrance of La Reserva de Sotogrande. A tree-lined avenue leads past the elegant golf clubhouse and the spa, racquet club and beach club/dining amenities of The Beach, which overlooks a manmade lagoon, followed by landscaped nature. From here, the road leads into a private gated domain, where seven magnificent villas occupy private grounds set against the gentle incline of a hillside. From this position, these superlative properties enjoy spectacular views across the golf course of La Reserva de Sotogrande to the sea and Gibraltar.

Starchitect design and distinction

Each of these seven prestige mansions features the unique bespoke design of a world-renowned architect and the personalised gardens of Jean Mus, a master of artful Mediterranean landscaping. The properties find themselves surrounded within the ten hectares of curated greenery that envelops The Seven and creates a private domain within the La Reserva de Sotogrande country club.

Within this category of home, the highest standards of security, private space, quality, comforts and amenities are a given – expected by demanding HNW buyers who know what they want. In such a market, added value comes from special, unique features, such as one-off design by a famous architect. In the case of The Seven, each villa is the sculpted creation of an international designer of renown, including the Kogan Villa by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan; The Silvestre Villa by Fran Silvestre, the Martin-Löff Villa by Andreas Martin-Löff Arkitekter, the flowing creation of Ben van Berkel, the Gumuchdjian Villa and the local design of ARK Architects.

Taken together, The Seven is a unique concept of luxury living that blends superlative one-off ‘starchitect’ design with exclusive living within your own personal domain. An offering of international allure within the green elegance of Sotogrande.

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