Record Sales Values in Sotogrande


The gated community of El Mirador has officially sold out.

Sotogrande SA recently achieved record sale values for the properties within the exclusive El Mirador development of luxury properties, part of the La Reserva Club residential concept.

Despite the constraints and unprecedented challenges brought about by the global pandemic, the sale prices for the six properties developed within this private enclave ranged between €6M and €11M.

These values set a record for Sotogrande as a destination and showcase La Reserva Club and its private communities as the pinnacle residential destination within the Costa del Sol.

El Mirador had instant appeal to buyers, in part thanks to the security provided by its gated community, and privacy due to its low density and natural surrounds. Its prime location only served to enhance its appeal, with the villas situated above the La Reserva Club golf course, boasting spectacular views over the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea.

Of course, buying one of these properties means buying much more than a residence. It brings a sought-after lifestyle, round-the-clock security, concierge, and lifestyle services, along with privileges at La Reserva Club’s sports and leisure facilities. The Sotogrande International School offers a premier academic programme within La Reserva itself, along with the community and health-based amenities one would expect, ensuring residents and their families are provided for.

Demand for properties within the four gated communities at La Reserva in Sotogrande markedly increased during 2020 and has continued into the first half of this year. The global pandemic has given many people the time and the reason to completely re-evaluate their lives and develop new perspective on what they value most. Many prospective buyers are seeking a quieter way of life, a slower pace that gives them more time with their families and friends, and more opportunities closer to home to indulge in the past-times of their choice.

Sotogrande enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year, and residents have access to sports and leisure activities that include golf, horse-riding, and polo fields. On top of all this, El Mirador is also conveniently close to some of the best beaches in Spain. Just a short drive from these stunning homes are the luxurious marinas and the renowned commercial centres of Puerto Banus, Estepona, and Marbella.

The pandemic has accelerated the move to hybrid working and often to full-time working from home. Not only have many sought the safety of a place where they can comfortably work from home, but avoiding enclosed office spaces has been actively encouraged across the world. Add to this the fact that busy, crowded city environments are being perceived as significantly riskier areas in terms of spreading Covid-19, and you understand why demand for these remarkable villas has flooded in. Benefitting from modern infrastructure and facilities as would be expected of these high-end properties, El Mirador provided the perfect solution for those discerning members of the global elite.

Sotogrande is a year-round destination; a place where many residents have chosen to spend the winter along with their families. While there are some homes that are available to rent, most of the properties are occupied by their owners, creating a residential country club like no other. The focus of the development is one of luxury, comfort, quality, and security, with developers primarily ensuring that their offer is one of a desirable, safe home for residents and their families.

If you missed out on purchasing within El Mirador, there are still a number of exquisite, spacious private properties that each enjoy sweeping views of the countryside and Mediterranean. Residents are delivered privacy and security within their gated communities that integrate seamlessly with their natural surroundings, as well as the myriad of amenities at La Reserva Country Club and across the wider Sotogrande estate.

Single family villa plots in the gated communities start from €800,000. El Mirador’s record sales are an indication of the popularity of these exclusive properties, so get in touch today to avoid disappointment.

For more information and to experience life in Sotogrande, enquire about the discovery package, including accommodation, sports and activities, culinary delights at a choice of restaurants, and a visit to the award-winning resort, its properties and amenities. Call +34 856 560 922, or visit

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