Luxury Villas in Sotogrande You Need to See

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Sotogrande continues to uphold its reputation as one of the most in-demand neighbourhoods in Europe. Sophisticated living is guaranteed in this sprawling estate that caters to residents with the highest standards.

The Mediterranean climate, culture and gastronomy are just some of the aspects that make this region a world-renowned destination.
These natural qualities have been matched in the design and construction of properties which do justice to their surroundings.
A stunning addition to an already illustrious array of amenities are golf courses and sports activities within the Sotogrande area.

Lavish homes, premium amenities and stunning Andalusian surroundings; if you demand the highest possible quality and want to make no compromises in your next property purchase, there are a number of luxury villas in Sotogrande you need to see.

The Seven

This breath-taking collection of seven concept villas represents the cutting edge of contemporary design. Each villa is designed by its own eminent architect and they are situated within an enclosed estate comprised of verdant parkland, crafted by illustrious landscape architect, Jean Mus.

This gated community in La Gran Reserva provides both security and a sense of space; unique home designs and an abundance of amenities & features.

Each property is situated on a plot of over 10,000 square metres, each carefully crafted so as to take full advantage of the striking vistas on every side, and every one of them host to a private slice of Jean Mus’ vision.

Words do no justice to these striking homes. And if you are considering a purchase in the area, these are some of the luxury villas in Sotogrande waiting to be discovered.

Each property’s individual features set it apart from those of its neighbours, while fitting elegantly within the community’s holistic design.

El Mirador

In a region where the hills meet the sea and the Mediterranean fills the horizon, one of the simplest pleasures you can have in life is the opportunity to fully appreciate the wonderful views and scenery that define Andalusia and the Costa del Sol. ‘El Mirador’, ‘The Lookout’ – this community was built with views in mind and a soft touch was applied when ensuring that the architecture blended harmoniously with the surroundings.

El Mirador has very recently sold out – testament to the high demand for properties of this calibre.

The Fifteen

As its name suggests, this community comprises fifteen properties, with a focus on integration and sleek design. These homes benefit from a ‘cliff-hanging’ design that truly sets them apart from any comparable development. With each property enjoying an approximately half acre plot, you will experience unrivalled panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the meticulously designed surroundings of La Reserva Club and Sotogrande.

Jean Mus has once again lent his keen eye and craftsmanship to the process, and we can only advise that these are some of the luxury villas in Sotogrande you need to see, in order to fully appreciate.

The spectacular surroundings are perfectly complemented by the seamless design of each residence, constructed so as to create a sense of harmony with the landscape

Lagoon Villas

This collection of villas takes all the best aspects of the resort lifestyle and encapsulates it in a celebration of leisure and luxury.

Overlooking La Reserva Club Lagoon and its sandy shores, these homes were inspired by the boho chic aesthetic of beach-side properties and create the same sense of simple calm one feels when close to the water. Open plan designs make full use of the ample space available in each residence, and the panoramic views are enhanced by the picturesque lagoon.

There are many luxury villas in Sotogrande you need to see if you are considering purchasing a home here and want to get a real feel for the place, and Lagoon Villas contains perhaps some of the most pleasant walks the estate has to offer.

Innovative landscaping has been taken to a new level in this community; waterside promenades and pontoons contribute to the idyllic scenery and form part of the many pleasant paths and walkways in the area you might one day call your home.

There is only so much one can achieve by browsing through listings, reading descriptions and looking at photographs of properties.

We truly believe the ideal home for you awaits in Sotogrande; our wide-ranging portfolio offers a variety of options for all requirements. To get a real feel for the place, allow us to offer you a viewing of the luxury villas in Sotogrande you need to see, so you can make an informed decision ahead of your next purchase.

For more information and to experience life in Sotogrande, ask us about our discovery package, including accommodation, sports and activities, culinary delights at our restaurants and a visit to our award-winning resort, its properties and amenities. Email us or call us on +34 856 560 922, or visit

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