How is life in Sotogrande?

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como es la vida en sotogrande

If you are thinking of acquiring a property that allows you to enjoy life and your family the way you want to, Sotogrande is the place for you. A place where excellence and exclusivity take on their natural meaning and allow you to give your family the lifestyle they deserve. In this article, we give you an approach about how life is in Sotogrande and all that you can enjoy when you move here.

Sotogrande is not just a place. It is a philosophy of life. Everyone who lives here has similar interests and aspirations. So you will always find like-minded family members with whom you will share values such as discretion, tranquillity, privacy, and security.

But not all family members want the same thing. Age and hobbies are important details to take into account when choosing a place to spend some time of our lives. Luckily this will not be a problem. Sotogrande offers state-of-the-art facilities and services of all kinds so that the whole family can enjoy their daily routine and develop personally. It is a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from the day and reconnect with what matters most.

What services can be found within Sotogrande?

Excellence is one of Sotogrande’s core values and this also extends to the academic level. Its school, considered one of the leaders in the country, follows an English Baccalaureate curriculum and has enrolments from 3 to 18 years of age.

Its health and safety infrastructure are excellent so that everything is prepared for any contingency: 24-hour security, community concierge service, specialised general medical, dental, physiological, and chiropractic clinics. There is also a network of hospitals and clinics within a 30 minute radius.

Sports and leisure activities in Sotogrande for the whole family

Sotogrande is a unique natural enclave, which is why outdoor activities in the heart of nature are so important. 

Located in front of the sea, it has swimming pools and private beaches to practice a wide range of sports such as rowing, diving, or water skiing. Naturally, it has its marina, which will delight not only the most experienced sailors but also those who enjoy a beautiful stroll, an afternoon of shopping, or a dinner by the sea.

Equestrian culture, both in relaxed horse riding routes that will immerse you in nature and in top-level competitions go hand in hand in these surroundings.

If you prefer the racket, with decades of tradition, in Sotogrande you will find a magnificent academy with an extensive programme for all ages, levels, and disciplines.

We cannot forget golf. One of the hallmarks of the Costa del Sol and Sotogrande. Two legendary private clubs, Real Club de Golf de Sotogrande and Real Club Valderrama, where the first Ryder Cup was played in Europe. Sotogrande has access to the best golf courses along the coast, which are located within a radius of no more than 3 kilometres.

Sotogrande’s connections to other locations

Sotogrande offers easy access to many transport links by land, sea, and air with nearby airports like Gibraltar and Malaga. Sotogrande is also well connected to major world capitals such as New York and Brussels.

These connections will be a gateway to discovering new cultures and experiences with the family both at home and abroad.

Gastronomy in Sotogrande

Mediterranean gastronomy with the best national and local products is one of the luxuries to be experienced in Sotogrande. Great Michelin-starred chefs from Malaga cook in Marbella and along the Costa del Sol. But it is the setting and its cultural heritage that give the gastronomy that sublime touch.

Sotogrande’s environnement : Andalusians, culture, art…

The hospitality and cheerfulness of the Andalusians are world-famous, as is their carefree way of taking life in almost perpetual sunshine throughout the year. 

It is precisely this mild climate and the hours of sunshine that invite you to enjoy the outdoors, which shapes the character of the local people and their outlook on life. Always helpful and friendly to foreigners, the Malagueños will not mind speaking your language and will be happy for you to practice your Spanish with them. 

They will also help you improve and slow down if you need them to. So learning a new language becomes quite motivating.

Its open and friendly character should not make you forget that it is a land rich in art and culture. This land has produced illustrious personalities internationally recognized in very homogeneous fields, for example, Pablo Picasso in Painting or David Delfin in fashion.

Malaga is also known as the museums’ city, as it is home to many these cultural spaces compared with a small size capital. Among the most internationally acclaimed museums you will find the Pompidou or the Thyssen.

As you can see, whether in the sea, the mountains, or the city, Sotogrande offers memorable experiences. Discover the incredible fauna and flora of Andalusia through trails that will take you to unspoilt places, discover the origins that have become the identity of the country itself, or experience deep-sea fishing by tackling the famous Barbate tuna. 

Everything is possible in Sotogrande.

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