Upcoming events and activities in Sotogrande – Summer 2022

Actividades y eventos Sotogrande

Summer is undoubtedly the best time of the year, especially if you are lucky enough to be at events in Sotogrande. It is a time when unforgettable memories are made—and 2022 will be another special year, with a summer full of wonderful events to look forward to.

Events in Sotogrande

ATS – Aramco Team Series · La Reserva Club · 18-20 August

With three pros and one amateur per team, 36 teams of four will come together this August for this prestigious golf tournament with a $1 million prize fund. The setting is the unmistakable manicured greenery of the La Reserva Club, where the unique format of the ATS Challenge will play out against a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar.

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Gastronomic Journeys – Michelin stars at The Beach La Reserva Club

This year, from 11th July to 4th September, the summer dining experience on the lagoon at The Beach will be given an extra twist of excitement with the Gastronomic Journeys offered by six of the top Michelin star chefs in Europe. Savour the heavenly delicacies they will create during five summer weekends, when Sotogrande will be the heart of the gastronomic galaxy.

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A summer of polo

Polo is part of the Sotogrande tradition – it’s in our very DNA, and 2022 brings another full calendar of competition to the Ayala Polo Club, featuring the best teams from around the world. The competition runs throughout the summer, starting in May and culminating in September, so come to one of the global hotspots of polo and enjoy this uniquely stylish experience.

Kids Summer Camp at La Reserva Club

Sotogrande is a children’s paradise, especially in summer, so from 4th July to August 26th the kids summer camp will be offering a world of fun and exploration at La Reserva Club – featuring guided padel and tennis, horse riding, water sports and golf Monday to Friday, full or half days, including coaching and fun group activities.

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Summer Cinema @ The Beach

A wonderful Mediterranean seaside tradition is revived this summer that celebrates those halcyon days of the Dolce Vita. Enjoy outdoor cinema in style at the luxurious surroundings of The Beach from 12th July to 23rd August and watch from the comfort of the sunbeds in the Adult Pool area from 9pm onwards. So reserve at The Beach Restaurant before reclining for a wonderful outdoor cinema experience.

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Flamenco Festival – Trocadero Sotogrande

Sotogrande is not far from the heart of Andalusian culture, and some of the biggest names in flamenco will be performing at the Trocadero Sotogrande beach club throughout the sultry summer evenings. It is beachside fun in the most authentic tradition, just five minutes from the La Reserva de Sotogrande Country Club.

Sotogrande Music Festival 2022

The Santa María Polo Club will host this year’s edition of the Sotogrande Music Festival, which brings top Spanish and international artists to our shores for a summer season of entertainment that includes a variety of different musical styles. As always in Sotogrande, the setting is suitably appealing and the atmosphere inviting – 6th August to 10th September.

Night Market @ La Marina Sotogrande

Open Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm to midnight, the popular Night Markets bring colour and entertainment to the lively waterside at Sotogrande’s marina, where boutique stalls mingle with natural products and atmospheric eateries. It’s an evening out for all ages and already part of the Sotogrande summer tradition.

Enjoy life Sotogrande!

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