An Opportunity Not to Be Missed as Spain’s Travel Ban Is Lifted


Spain's Travel Ban

Spain’s 3-month-long travel ban prohibiting entry into the country by travellers coming from the United Kingdom (with the exception of Spanish nationals and those legally resident in Spain) was finally lifted on the 30th of March, restoring some semblance of normality and optimism at the prospect of post-pandemic travel.

The unprecedented spread of the Covid-19 virus saw the rapid closing of not only shops and restaurants, but also borders. Dreams of heading sunward were dashed as daily news bulletins announced further restrictions and lockdowns globally.

Providing a beacon of hope in an otherwise murky time, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has recently revealed that the country’s state of alarm will end on May 9th; the first in a series of falling dominoes leading to remaining restrictions being scrapped.

Owning a Second Home in Spain

Just one day prior to the expiration of the ban, as from the 29th of March those residing in the UK were granted permission to fly abroad with the proviso that travellers could provide a legitimate reason for doing so.

The UK Government’s list of “reasonable excuses for travel” includes undertaking activity “in connection with the purchase, sale, letting or rental of a residential property”. Visiting estate or letting agents, developer sales offices or show homes, looking for a property to buy or rent, and indeed moving house, are now all permitted under the UK Government’s new Covid regulations.

The exemption is great news for the Spanish region, providing an influx of opportunity for home owners and prospective buyers just as the ban came to an eagerly anticipated end.

Real Estate in Sotogrande

Luxury Real Estate In Sotogrande - Villas For Sale In A Gated Community In Costa del Sol, Spain

Sotogrande has long since been hailed as not only a tourist hot-spot, but one of the most sought-after residential developments in southern Spain. Situated on the Costa del Sol, Sotogrande has been attracting the attention of the global elite since its inception in the 1960s. Built to be the ‘Palm Springs’ of Europe, the urbanisation has gone from strength to strength since then, now standing as the largest privately owned residential development in Andalucía.

Beat the Rush

There has arguably never been a better time to consider this gem of southern Andalucía when looking for property for sale in Spain. With Switzerland’s recent announcement regarding the easing of Covid regulations as from Monday (19th April), it’s only a matter of time before other countries follow suit with the lifting of their respective domestic restrictions, with international travel bound to be hot on its heels. So, if you want to get ahead of the crowds to discover some magnificent property for sale near Marbella at a leisurely pace, now is your chance.

With its prime positioning in the foothills of Sierra Almenara, enviable 320 days of sun per year, and proximity to Malaga (just an hour’s drive away), it’s no surprise that people are flocking to Sotogrande for luxury real estate.

A New Quality of Living

Luxury villa by Sotogrande S.A. - Luxury Real Estate In Sotogrande, Spain

For over six decades, families have returned to Sotogrande, time and time again, which speaks volumes for the quality of life provided along this 20km² coastal community.

There are currently a number of new developments in the process of being built in Sotogrande within four gated communities, each offering a unique take on their stunning natural surroundings.

If you’re considering investing in Spanish property, Sotogrande should be at the top of your list, and here’s why:

  • One-of-a-kind architecture: World-renowned landscape artist Jean Mus is the visionary behind the verdant parkland and residential spaces. Each of the distinct gated communities is designed by an eminent, international architect, within a space conceptualised by Mus to integrate it seamlessly into its surroundings. This is architecture like you’ve never seen before.
  • Privacy with privilege: The safety and security of our residents and their homes is of paramount importance to us. Round-the-clock security is provided to ensure your peace of mind. There are some things to worry about in life; your protection need not be one of them.
  • At your service: Each villa for sale within Sotogrande’s gated community is afforded unrestricted access to concierge and lifestyle services, along with privileges at La Reserva Club’s sports and leisure facilities, as well as many amenities available throughout within the residential area and its immediate surroundings.
  • Family first: The Sotogrande International School (SIS) offers a premier academic programme right at La Reserva, along with community and health-based amenities, ensuring the whole family is provided for.

The Sotogrande Promise

At Sotogrande, we aim to provide you with privacy, security, authenticity and state-of-the-art facilities directly on your doorstep. A place where you can make the most of your valuable time, free of hassle, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Need more convincing? Why not take us up on our offer of a customised stay and private tour? Our discovery package includes accommodation, sports and activities, culinary delights at our restaurants and a visit to our award-winning resort, its properties and amenities. There’s no better way to experience luxury property on the Costa del Sol.

Contact +34 856 560 922 to see what Sotogrande can do for you today. It’s time to tick off Sotogrande real estate from your bucket list.

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