5 Things to Know Before Buying Property in Sotogrande

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Moving your home to another country is a huge life decision and one that comes with its complexities, as well as with its excitement and rewards, especially if relocating to somewhere as beautiful as Andalucía. So, what are the things you need to know before moving to Andalucía?

Andalucía is a beautiful region located on the southern coast of Spain with a climate full of glorious sunshine and a lifestyle as relaxed or as active as you want it to be. There are stunning Mediterranean beaches and modern cities with amazing shopping experiences. For sports enthusiasts, there are activities to suit every taste, from caving and canyoning to equestrian sports and tournament grade golf. It is no surprise that many visitors decide to move here, although there are several things to know before moving to Andalucía.

Choose Your Home’s Location Carefully

Your choice of location for your home in Andalucía is of vital importance. There is a wide range of choice as to the area in which you might want to live depending on your personal circumstances and preferences. Marbella and Sotogrande are arguable some of the most areas within the Costa del Sol. Sotogrande’s villas for sale are set by the sea with stunning stretches of beaches and picturesque marinas, but its surrounding countryside provides ample opportunity for outdoor living and a huge range of sporting activities. The city itself is a hub of high fashion shops, excellent restaurants, theatres, art galleries, and activities to suit everyone.

One of the best areas in Andalucía is the real estate in Sotogrande. In this beautiful gem on the Costa Del Sol you can achieve exclusivity and luxury just a stone’s throw from the sea, but with the benefits of being surrounded by the stunning Andalusian countryside. Located a short drive from Marbella, with its own luxury marina, world-renowned equestrian clubs and several competition-grade golf courses, the villas for sale in Sotogrande can offer both a peaceful retreat and the jet-set lifestyle many of us aspire to. Furthermore, the facilities on offer within Sotogrande’s luxury real estate are second to none with top health clinics and international schools among the many features that facilitate an ideal lifestyle.

Know About the Residency Documentations

If you are already a Spanish citizen, then moving to Andalucía will be a fairly smooth process as much of the documentation needed will already be in your possession. It will be more a case of seeking out the ideal property in the perfect location and then taking some straight forward measures.

If you are from outside Spain, then the process can appear more complex and this is where careful research will be of help. You will need to have the right permits to live in Spain, such as a TIE, and you will also need a Spanish bank account so that you can secure a mortgage, receive income and make payments. Additionally, you will need to be registered with the Spanish tax system and non-Spanish citizens do this via a NIE which is a specific tax reference number for non-Spanish residents.

Make it a point of having all essential documents and permits in place before you attempt your move to Andalucía, and ensure that you employ a lawyer specialized in property purchase here in Spain to help you, and you will find that the process of buying your property in Spain is much smoother.

Learn About Spain’s Tax System

No tax system in the world can be described as simple, and Spain’s is no exception. So, if you are buying a home in Andalucía, there is no better option that to obtain expert advice regarding Spanish taxes. Expert advisors will be able to give you precise information on what you need to do and how best to position yourself within the system according to your personal circumstances. Expert tax advice may come with a price tag, but almost invariably could save a lot of money in the long run by making sure you can take advantage of the right tax status for you as a homebuyer.

Prepare For the Weather

Andalucía is known for its absolutely gorgeous weather, a climate that produces glorious natural products from oranges and olives to pomegranates, figs and avocadoes. It also means that outdoor activities – in the sea, around the lakes, or in the mountains – can be enjoyed all year round. In fact, Andalucía boasts some of the best beaches and sea resorts in Europe, such as Marbella and Puerto Banus, both close neighbors of property for sale in Sotogrande. It also proudly boasts one of Spain’s best ski resorts – the stunning Sierra Nevada close to where the historic city of Granada is situated.

It can, however, become extremely hot in the summer, especially in central cities such as Cordoba, and if you are not accustomed to the local climate, it is worth preparing for some days of excessively hot temperatures. These can reach the low 40 degrees Celsius in summer, and this always brings with it the need to hydrate and seek the cool of the shade. August is often the beach month, when city-dwellers enjoy the cool of the coast or the borders of the lakes away from the sweltering cities.

In Andalucía’s southernmost reaches, the houses for sale in Sotogrande are perfectly positioned to receive the cool of the breeze off the Mediterranean Sea and are ideally close to the surf of the Atlantic beaches on the Costa de la Luz, at the same time as enjoying around 320 days of sunshine all year round. No wonder Sotogrande’s real estate for sale is demanding attention from those seeking to buy a home in Spain.

Consider Learning the Local Language

Andalucía is well-known for its friendly, welcoming people, and although in many towns and cities in the region a good number of the local community speak other languages, there is no substitute for learning how to speak Spanish. Speaking Spanish will help you engage with the community quickly; it brings the benefits of being able to discuss your needs with the local pharmacist, for example, or workmen you might need in your home.

It is the case that the Andalusian dialect can vary, since Andalucía is such a huge region, but most people here are delighted to welcome guests from further afield and will happily slow down their speech to help you understand. Learn Spanish, and you won’t just be buying a home in Spain; you will also be joining a community of new friends.

While relocating to another country is an exciting prospect, there are a number of important things to know before moving to Andalucía, and these five tips cover the main areas that you need to prepare. Focus on documents, tax, language, adapting to the climate and location and you will be able to follow a smooth path to your perfect home. And the easiest of these is location, because if there is one thing you really need to know before moving to Andalucía, it’s that Sotogrande is the best starting point. Sotogrande combines being close to the sea, the serenity of the countryside with the glamorous lifestyle expected of a location close to luxurious Marbella and a wonderful choice of beautiful homes. Click here to contact us and start to plan your move to Andalucía today.

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