Advantages of Buying Property in Spain

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Spain is world-renowned as a tourist destination. From the Mediterranean climate and spectacular scenery to the rich culture and high-class gastronomy, there are many reasons to visit the country and even more reasons to live here.

Residing in Spain may initially seem like a romanticised notion, but a hassle-free lifestyle in a picturesque villa by the coast could be more achievable than you think.

If you are considering a move and going abroad is an option, be sure to inform yourself of all the advantages of buying property in Spain.

Picturesque & Diverse Natural Landscapes

From breath-taking mountain ranges to world famous beaches, idyllic countryside to snow-capped peaks; Spain’s landscape is attractive not only for its beauty but for its variety, and the proximity of such differing environments. You may be aware of the welcoming climate – the long summers and mild winters that draw so many visitors to the country – but you may not realise you can surround yourself by the lush greenery of the Spanish ‘campo’ while still within walking distance of the beach and just a couple of hours drive away from a ski resort. Sotogrande is perfectly situated so that residents can fully appreciate the beautiful, natural surroundings that the south of the country offers, and which highlights this very clear advantage of buying property in Spain.

Leisure Hotspots

Naturally, the pastimes and leisure activities that have become popular in the Sotogrande area make full use of these surroundings.  There are trails for horse riding & biking, jet skis & facilities for water sports, and all manner of clubs & associations to join, depending on the sport of your choice.  Of course, one of the primary appeals for the connoisseur is the array of golf courses in and around Sotogrande.  Another of the advantages of buying property in Spain – specifically in Sotogrande – is having these world class options on your doorstep.

Rich Culture and History

Spain’s extensive history is well documented both in literature and in its landscape.  The southern region of Andalusia (where Sotogrande is located), bears the signs of the many cultures which occupied this land and left their mark at different times.  Greek, Phoenician, Roman and Moorish ruins litter the landscape, with some towns in the hillsides tracing their histories back thousands of years.  The country’s modern history is also clearly defined here, the birthplace of flamenco and the home of some of its most celebrated vineyards.  When people think of Spain, they tend to think of Andalusia, as it has given so much shape to the country’s identity.

Meet the Locals

With the tourism industry playing such a large role in the country’s economy, the locals are familiar with foreigners and tend to be welcoming and hospitable.  The cities in the area are diverse and easy to navigate even if you haven’t got a strong grasp of Spanish.  Sotogrande itself is as cosmopolitan as can be, and another of the advantages of buying a property in Spain is that you will be exposed to the many like-minded individuals who come here for the same reasons.  Sotogrande will offer opportunities to network, to socialise and to develop meaningful relationships in the perfect environment.

A Gastronomic Journey awaits

You cannot speak of Spain without mentioning its food.  Whether you seek gourmet tapas  and haute cuisine or a hearty paella  and platefuls of seafood, a simply astounding number of restaurants will offer top quality food made from the freshest ingredients.  While high class establishments will have their reputations precede them, there are always hidden gems to discover, where you might find your new, favourite dish – it’s just another of the advantages of buying property in Spain.  Of course, the wine speaks for itself, and once again, you will find internationally-acclaimed wines readily available, but you may also find rich rewards in exploring the countless, little-known wines that are produced locally.

The Ideal Investment

There’s every reason to seek out a home in Spain, and even if it is not the right time for you to make the move, you can still reap the benefits of acquiring a property in one of the most in-demand neighbourhoods in the world.  A huge number of people seek out properties for seasonal holidays and long-term rentals, providing the perfect opportunity for investment.  The advantage of buying property in Spain, which will always be a tourist destination, is that there always exists the option to rent your property and profit from it.

It’s not difficult to sell the idea of relocating to a beautiful, sunny location, steeped in culture, and the advantages of buying property in Spain are even more obvious in Sotogrande, where the lifestyle opportunities are unparalleled.

There’s no reason for your dream home to remain a dream.

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